Tips For Buyers

Follow these tips to improve your property buying experience:

  1. Analyze your situation and make sure that you are ready to buy a house or property, whether it is your first or not. Look at how long you will be in the area, at your job, family size, etc. Be sure it makes sense to buy now.
  2. Discuss what your particular needs are with your family or partner before you start to look at properties. List your "must have" features and your other "nice to have, but not absolutely necessary" features. After viewing a few properties, re-evaluate your criteria. Needs will change over time. Be sure to include neighborhood criteria. Those are much harder to change than a few coats of paint.
  3. Express your property needs or desires to your real estate agent so that he/she can better find a property suitable for you.
  4. When presenting an offer, be courteous and respectful of the sellers. Make sure that everything you want in the contract is written down in it. Be prepared for a counter offer. In most cases, it is seldom that an offer is accepted as it is first submitted.
  5. If there is a formal appraisal of the property, offer the same price or a bit higher of the appraisal.
  6. Request a final walk-through of the property a few days before closing and after the furniture is removed to make sure that there are no faults that were covered by the sellers' personal belongings. It is much easier to request compensation and/or necessary repairs before the house is closed than afterwards.
  7. Find out how much the property pays in taxes, maintenance, etc. before you buy or rent.  This will give you a better idea of what your monthly or yearly expenses will be.
  8. Take into consideration moving or relocating expenses.  Moving companies, transferring or installing new phone lines, installing cable TV, etc. are a few to keep in mind.
  9. Put everything in writing! Your sales contract should specify what stays and what goes with the property.
  10. Hire a good lawyer to do the paperwork.
  11. If you have any doubts about the buying or renting contract, consult with your lawyer.  If you have any other questions, call or write to us.

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